Becoming a better team

One of the most important rules of improvisational theater is: No matter what offer comes along, accept it. 

Be curious instead of frightened. That applies also to everyting coming from your partner/colleague/employee: accept it and build on it!

You can use these rules also in your work life. A recurring clear „Yes!“ in response to an offer is the precondition to get the story started and going. Whoever blocks the offer of a colleague or a spectator by an open or inner „No!“ prevents something new from happening.

There is no right or wrong in improvisational theater only the unconditional demand to bravely face the unforseen: keep going, even if you feel ‚ridiculous‘ and trust yourself and your colleagues.

There are two rules in improv that apply in this case:

„My partner is gold“

„Everything I do should inspire my partner“

Imagine it would be like this in your company: Don’t you think that not only better team work would be the consequence? But also a true culture of innovation?