The stool

Der Hocker

At 60 years of age he is the oldest member of hidden shakespeare.

Until 1995 he served faithfully in a kitchen in Wellingsbüttel and once retired he found his old-age residence with the Neelmeyer family. When the shows of the brave little improv theater company became more and more elaborate a stage set was called for.

In 1998 the stool agreed to take on this part and has been working since then on a minimum wage basis. Over and over he baffles the actors by his versatility, be it as a wheelchair, ejection seat, the top of the a mountain, bucket, throne, pirate ship, tunnel or hat; again and again he enthuses his colleagues by his subtle perfomances which have earned him many friends among the spectators over the years, as well. All the greater was the shock when in 1999 on the way to a show he forgot to change trains. Thanks to Thorsten Neelmeyer and the staff of Hamburg Public Transport he was picked up at the final stop of the train and safely accompanied to the show on time.

In 2000 his brother tried his hand in performing but had to abandon the plan due to his frailty.

Let’s hope that our friend will be spared this fate and may we hear it for a long, long time: Ladies and Gentleman: Der Hocker!“

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