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The working world is changing at sonic speed. Yesterday’s recipes of success aren’t effective anymore. The alleged office and communications structure as well as guidelines for leaders and employees of today will be outpaced by reality tomorrow.

At the same time managers and employees find themselves under constant stress.Sick days due to mental pressure and burn outs are on the rise. Therefore the quality of work suffers as well as structuring one’s time and self-management but especially the manner of communication.

But you can change that – with our help.

More and more companies discover the astonishing possibilities which we can offer you through improvisational theater when it comes to initiating change.

It is of great value that we have a wide variety of techniques taken from this form of theater. This way we can taylor an individual concept for different challenges and target groups.

For instance we use ‚mirror theater‘ to playfully demonstrate the current status quo within a company. Or we can work specifically on your individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes to mastering your hectic and challenging work day.

You will realize: Improvising is not an emergency solution but the ability to successfully handle unexpected situations.

And best of all: You can learn it – with a lot of fun!